Monday, June 23, 2014

Abolish the IRS – It’s Out of Control and Can’t Be Fixed

By Ken Hoagland Jun 22, 2014

There is no reforming the IRS—it has moved way past that point. It must be ditched, once and for all.  Here is one of the most powerful federal agencies that, at best, fails to answer the simplest questions about the tax code and at worst, is used to harass citizens to fix elections for the incumbent party in office.  The IRS is routinely used by the powerful against opponents. It has happened before and it will happen again. This time, manipulating the last election by silencing political critics and turning their lives inside out—made possible by a closed, stacked system where the citizen is legally presumed guilty.

They have not only harassed applicants trying to organize citizen groups but have audited the founders of and donors to those groups. They have illegally shared protected taxpayer records with liberal groups who have used that information to attack those opposed to their candidates. It’s only a half step above “justice” in any banana Republic…… Here is the real answer: Repeal the 16th Amendment that made the income tax Constitutional and then abolish the IRS. Adopt, instead, a national sales tax, paid by every citizen at the cash register. The FairTax at is one, the SimpleTax at is another. Take away the power of this corrupted and power mad agency to ever again distort elections, harass citizens or take it upon itself to unilaterally write tax law……To Read More…..

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