Friday, June 20, 2014

Examiner Editorial: Redskins' Dan Snyder should tell the PC bullies to shove it

By Washington Examiner | June 19, 2014

“The claim that having an NFL team named 'Redskins' perpetuates discrimination is a politically motivated pretext for nullifying the First Amendment.”

Opinion,NFL,Redskins,Editorial,First Amendment,Freedom of Speech,Political Correctness,Washington ExaThere may be hope that common sense and courage are making a comeback in the nation's capital. How else to explain the appearance of this statement in the Washington Post: “For some people, the word 'Redskins' has lost all of its vicious old meaning and represents their beloved Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer; for others it's a hate term. Personally, I find it distasteful in all contexts. But how is a bureaucracy supposed to effectively arbitrate its real' meaning without a lot of unintended consequences and restrictions?”

With that question, sportswriter Sally Jenkins cuts to the heart of the Redskins issue.The Redskins name controversy is not about discrimination, it's about power, pure and simple. Power, that is, for PC bullies to impose their view of what everybody else should and should not be permitted to say. The latest salvo from the bullies came from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), which .....To Read More....
My Take - A couple of weeks ago I treated the house of a regular customer who is an old Hungarian lady who calls herself a "hunky DP".  For those who've never heard of a "DP", that was a discriptive term used extensively during the 50's to describe those fleeing Hungary and stood for "Displaced Persons".  She is antithetical to everything the left stands for.  She loves capitalism, hates socialism in any small way, loves DDT - as she was dusted with it to get rid of lice and thinks being politically correct is a form of insanity.  She is the most amazingly outspoken person I know, or for that matter the White House knows because she calls them constantly to "straighten them out" - and I just adore her.  We got to talking about this "Redskins" issue.  What was her view?  She said if they want to change the name - then let them call the team the "Washington Hunkies".  "We'd love it", she said.


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