Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Lies that Whole Foods Tells

Posted by Alex B. Berezow June 16, 2014

The organic food market is estimated at $63 billion globally, with more than half of those sales occurring in the United States. (If "natural products" are included, the organic market is $290 billion in the U.S. alone.) It's no wonder, then, why Wal-Mart and other mainstream retailers are jumping onto the organic bandwagon. There is an awful lot of money to be made.  However, according to a damning report issued by the organization Academics Review, the rapidly growing organic food market is built upon a foundation of lies.......The report states, in no uncertain terms, that the organic food industry conspired to deceive the public about the safety of conventionally grown food. By raising doubts over the scientific consensus on pesticides, hormones, and GMOs, organic food marketers deliberately played on people's fears in order to expand the industry.
Furthermore, the authors claim that the USDA has been unwittingly complicit in this scam. The "USDA Organic" label was meant only to convey that food bearing the label met certain standards of production (e.g., it does not contain GMOs or additives and was not produced with synthetic pesticides). The label was not meant to be taken as a government endorsement of the organic industry's claim of superior food quality. Yet, a large majority of consumers believe just that, and the organic industry is happy to perpetuate the misconception.

For example, Whole Foods -- the most (in)famous face of the organic industry -- maintains on its website a list created by the Organic Trade Association called the "Top 10 Reasons To Go Organic!" Many of the statements are misleading or completely false......To Read More....

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