Saturday, September 28, 2013

Too ignorant to feed ourselves

Patrice Lewis
This past weekend, I attended the Sustainability Preparedness Expo in Spokane, Wash. This event was designed to bring together speakers and vendors for the purpose of addressing concerns about the future of our economy and to assist people in becoming more self-sufficient with food, water, medicine and sanitation.
Those who pooh-pooh the need to prepare for hard times have evidently never been to a preparedness expo. If you go, don’t just talk to vendors or speakers; talk to the ordinary people walking around. See the lines wrapping around the block to get in. Watch the interest of folks learning about gardening, canning, food storage and other issues. Every workshop was packed, every booth was swamped, every seminar was full. People were hungry for information on how to make themselves less vulnerable to societal disruptions.
Why? Because deep down, these people know all is not right with the world. There are too many tremors denoting cracks in the economy, too much saber rattling from unstable nations and too many politicians collectively working to turn America from the USA into the USSA…..To Read More…..

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