Monday, September 30, 2013

No apologies for Canada’s UN policy

By Terry Glavin, Ottawa Citizen September 25, 2013
“We walk out of meetings because North Korea is in the chair.” Well, there it is. Captured in that one single line is a magnificent, nearly poetic distillation of all the brow-furrowing complaints about the Conservative government’s attitude to the United Nations that the New Democratic Party’s Paul Dewar and a clutch of Chrétien-era diplo-mandarins have been successfully grabbing headlines with across the country all week.
The line comes from Carolyn McAskie, a senior fellow with the Graduate School …..“We’re increasingly denying ourselves a place at the table,” McAskie told reporters at a press conference in Ottawa on Monday. “We walk out of meetings because North Korea is in the chair. The reason you go to these meetings is so that you can engage all 193 (UN member states). You don’t pick your friends and your enemies. They’re all there. You go, you play the game ... if you’re not at the table, you don’t have a voice.”
We walk out of meetings because North Korea is in the chair. Like that’s supposed to be a bad thing?…… Well, wait just a second. The annual gathering of the UN General Assembly in New York is a yearly convention of the world’s most notorious mass murderers, rapists, torturers and war criminals, and we’re supposed to be upset that Canada is not especially popular with these monsters?….To Read More….
My Take – I posted this in order to challenge your sense of morality, and to further explore the concept of universal moral jurisdiction by the U.N. and the International Criminal Court, both gigantic failures. 

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