Friday, September 27, 2013

Kerry Blasted for Signing U.N. Arms Trade Treaty That Critics Say Creates De Facto Gun Registry

By Patrick Goodenough September 26, 2013
Secretary of State John Kerry signs the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty in New York on September 25, 2013.  The Obama administration’s decision to sign a global conventional arms trade treaty despite deep misgivings on Capitol Hill and among Second Amendment advocates drew strong reactions from lawmakers on Wednesday, underlining the ratification battle ahead.
Signing the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in New York, Secretary of State John Kerry repeated the administration’s assertion that the document does not affect individuals’ constitutional right to bear arms.  nHe said it achieved three important priorities for the U.S. – “a more peaceful world,” “a higher level of security” and “protection of human rights.”  “That, frankly, is a trifecta for America, and that’s why we’re proud to sign this treaty today.”
Given the current global focus on the conflict in Syria, proponents argue that the ATT ultimately will make it harder for a country like Russia to arm violators like the Assad regime. The treaty bars weapons transfers that would violate embargoes or be used for acts of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity. …..To Read More…..

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