Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Media: The Filibuster Is Only 'Fake' When Ted Cruz Does It
You might remember the media gushing over an eight hour U.S. Senate "filibuster," launched by the openly socialist Bernie Sanders, back in December of 2010. Only it wasn't a filibuster. What Sanders did was exactly what Senator Cruz just did: he gave a long speech -- which is not technically a filibuster. Only the media didn’t care about that distinction in 2010. It was only when Cruz aped Sanders that the media gave birth to the "fake filibuster" narrative. 25 Sep 2013

Politico Tracks Down 'Dr. Seuss Expert' to Trash Cruz
In the wake of Senator Ted Cruz's 21-hour filibuster, in order to ensure his ideas are not heard, the media have focused on his reading the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. But that was just the one-punch. The two-punch was just delivered by Politico: hunting down a "Dr. Seuss expert" to make Cruz's quoting of Dr. Seuss a gaffe of sorts.
25 Sep 2013
NBC News' Kasie Hunt Snarks at Ted Cruz Filibuster
Kasie Hunt isn't with MSNBC. She works for NBC News and presents herself as an objective reporter. This is a tweet she fired off less than a half-hour into Senator Ted Cruz's Tuesday afternoon filibuster of ObamaCare. This is not reporting, it is a snarky, non-sequitur, cheap shot you would expect to be written by someone at the Daily Kos. 24 Sep 2013

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