Monday, September 30, 2013

This Week’s Activity

By Rich Kozlovich
Well, this last few months have really been active on Paradigms and Demographics with a whole new and active reader base in mainland China.  They went from a few irregular hits to surging into the top ten all time.  Why?   When that happens there is a subject the readers in a country are interested in, and those article links will be hit accordingly.  But no single subject was scrutinized during this upsurge.  In fact there were weeks where China was the number two country.   This last two weeks has also been surprising.  Indonesia has surged into the top ten for the month and this week was the number two country.  Why?  Same answer….I can’t see a pattern. 
I seem to have developed a large reader base in Bulgaria, and that was caused by their concern about fracking.  Apparently many in Bulgaria were dissatisfied with the government’s resistance to fracking.  That previous year there was a particularly cold winter in Eastern Europe and fuel costs were not only high but unavailable in parts of Eastern Europe, and people froze to death.  Many of those readers continue to visit daily.  With my Slovenian readers it started with solar energy and many of those readers continue to visit.  Finland, Sweden and Japan were strong for a while and those involved solar energy, but their interest peaks and wanes.   
Here is this week’s breakdown for the top ten.  United States, Indonesia, Germany, China, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Canada, Russia and France.  I can’t find a pattern for my Indonesian readers either, but I certainly welcome their interest!

The all time top ten are;   United States, Germany, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Bulgaria, Ukraine, China and Slovenia. 

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