Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Immigrants, Free Capital, Free Markets

Mises Daily: Friday, September 27, 2013 by David Howden
Early this year, the Saudi Arabian government decided to crack down on foreign workers. Writing for The Globe and Mail, Martin Dokoupil and Marwa Rashad argue that this will lead to a “stronger, more diverse economy.” In particular, they focus on the plethora of businesses open at the moment — more than they think is necessary — and the resultant reduction in both“unnecessary” labor and businesses that would be possible if these foreign workers were forced to leave.
The immigration debate, whether it occurs in Saudi Arabia, the United States, or even Canada, really boils down to answering a simple question: Do we want to import workers or goods?
Like money, workers go (when able) to the place that treats them best. Oftentimes this is where real wages are highest. ….. What are the benefits a country reaps from immigrants flowing in? Cheaper wages are an obvious answer, though that is also largely beside the point. The real benefits are the increased opportunities that domestic citizens get. With less-skilled jobs being performed by these new workers, domestic citizens can set their sights on the more lucrative opportunities made possible by less-expensive goods and services, and a more diverse labor pool available to entrepreneurs and their employees…..To Read More….
My Take - A worthwhile explanation regarding the value of immigration. However, everyone seems to keep missing to point. Generally speaking; those opposed to illegal immigration aren't opposed to immigration. In spite of how the media or the demagogues on the left frame this subject they are opposed to "illegal" immigration, just as everyone should be; because it's illegal. The vast majority don't have a problem with "legal" immigration.  It's another set of demagogues on the left from the labor unions who are opposed to immigration legal or otherwise.  Let's get this right!

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