Sunday, September 29, 2013

Political Classism - Part Two

By Steven Laib on Sep 28, 2013
Creating a two tier medical care system where only government officials get proper care is only the first step. Now the feds are going after education.   In our last episode we discussed the subject of Obamacare as political class warfare against the common citizen. Meanwhile as all the noise has been emanating from DC about Syria, the debt ceiling and the budget, the federal government has quietly begun proceedings in court against the State of Louisiana. The subject is their education system.
What happened in Louisiana began with Hurricane Katrina. Portions of the state were devastated; particularly sections of New Orleans. One of the victims of the storm damage was the local public school system. At normal functions were being restored it was found that some public schools were in such bad shape that an alternative had to be found. The answer was a school choice program funded by government vouchers that enabled families to send their children to whatever school they wanted, including high quality private schools. The plan proved so popular and successful that it was expanded statewide under the leadership of Governor Jindal. It is currently targeted at allowing parents to transfer their children out of failing schools. But success and popular sentiment are meaningless to the federal behemoth. …..To ReadMore…..

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