Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Enrich or Impoverish a Nation

By Selwyn Duke on Sep 28, 2013
The lesson here is this: to minimize the profit motive personally is virtuous; to minimize it in public policy is vice.   What has lifted more people out of poverty, charity or economic freedom? It’s not even close.
Charity is wonderful, and I’ll be the first to say we have an obligation to share our gifts, be they material, intellectual or talent oriented. Yet whether our redistributionist endeavor is charity — and charity is voluntary redistribution — or the less noble, coercive, outsourcing of charity known as government programs, there first must be wealth to redistribute.……Sane people live in the real world, however, where different rules apply. One of them is that since the spiritual/moral motive is the highest reason to serve your fellow man, it is also the rarest.…… profit encourages your fellow man to serve you even if he doesn’t give a darn about you….To Read More….

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