Thursday, September 26, 2013

Clinton 2030: The World Will Come to an End

John Ransom | Sep 25, 2013
The Clinton Global Initiative to Keep Hil and Bill Relevant convened in New York this week.  And there’s really, really, really bad news.  The world will come to an end in 2030.
Quick! We better elect Hillary president before the world comes to an end and we run out of the opportunity to elect the first woman president of United States. History books later would be very unkind to us if we didn’t elect her now.
“The numbers are stark,” reports CNBC on the meeting for the Society for the Preservation of the Clintons. “While the current world population of about 7 billion is projected to top 8 billion by 2030, almost all of that growth is expected to come in the developing world. That means the current population of consumers— people with more than $10 a day to spend— is expected to more than double from 1.8 billion to 4.8 billion.”
Gee, if there were just some way of keeping those people in poverty, all of our problems would be solved.  If only they had enlightened North Korean leaders like Kim Jung Um, Um, Um who makes sure his folks have no money to spend, thus doesn’t lead to that messy problem with jobs and resources.....To Read More.....

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