Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Feel the Bern: Many Venezuelans Are Becoming Resigned to Dictatorship

Their despair leads them to give up the fight against Maduro, while sheer hunger drives many to vote for him, though they despise him.

By Eduard Freisler May 15, 2018

It was a surreal scene. At a government rally in downtown Caracas two months ago, a few desperate Venezuelans were pleading with President Nicolás Maduro to help them survive the country’s economic and social crisis, which had thrown their lives into danger.

They were writing simple notes to Maduro, who, at that moment, above them on an elevated stage, was delivering a blistering speech exalting the benefits of the revolution. His discourse was met by others with applause, sing-alongs, and playful chants. Filling the streets were tens of thousands of red-clad Chavistas, supporters of the so-called Bolivarian Revolution inaugurated by Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, nearly 20 years ago. The noise of the crowd effectively drowned out the message of the pleading protesters below the stage...........Ninety percent of the population lives in poverty, according to a recent study conducted by three respected Venezuelan universities. The economy and civil society have undergone a dramatic collapse under Nicolás Maduro’s watch.

Still, he will sail to a victory. How is it possible?.............“I will vote for Maduro because I don’t want to lose all the benefits the government will give me,” Justina, a middle-aged woman who gave only her first name, for fear of government reprisal, told me. She was never a Chavista, let alone a cheerleader for the Bolivarian Revolution. However, government food provisions have kept her from starvation. “It is impossible to hold on to your principles and integrity if you are going hungry,” she said sincerely, in a subdued tone...............To Read More....

My Take - Some time back I wrote this article: Feel the Bern: The World Owes Venezuela Nothing, and this article shows why.  This tragedy was brought on by the people of Venezuela by the people of Venezuela, and they're now getting what they've sown.  It's their problem - let them fix it - and if they choose not to fix it - so be it.  They're Feeling the Bern and it's their choice and it's their Bern!

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