Thursday, May 17, 2018

Millennial Conservative Candace Owens Ignites Snowflake Meltdown Nationwide

May 17, 2018 By Robyn Dolgin

Candace Owens – a black conservative – takes a page from President Donald Trump's playbook when encountering unhinged liberals: she is fearless. Her career, at the tender age of 28, has accelerated to the point of making the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers very nervous, given her growing national popularity to ignite ideological warfare among leftist-indoctrinated blacks, including Millennials on college campuses.

She treads where few conservatives are willing to go, especially white Republicans. "We need to get off the Maxine Waters plantation," says Owens, taking aim at one of the most accomplished race-baiters in the Black Caucus. The new concept, says Owens, is to hold Democrats "accountable" for their "shameful" record of service to America, speaking as communications director of Turning Point USA. Waters's abysmal political career of 27 years (repeat: 27 years) remains enshrined in a district (Compton, Calif.) teeming with local corruption and shocking levels of criminal activity.  "She lives in her $6 million mansion (in Hancock Park) while black people continue to suffer," Owens adds.

 "And all she does is talk about race. Black leaders are engaged in the race business."

"You're never getting off the federal plantation talking about the past," Owens said, debating a group of BLM flag-wavers at her UCLA talk. "I don't know why people embrace being oppressed.   It is so embarrassing. You act like 'I love being oppressed.' You can either be a victim or a victor."..............Read more

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