Thursday, May 17, 2018

United Nations Votes To Take First Step Towards Making International Climate Change Enforceable By UN

In the end, all this push against "global warming" and "climate change" is nothing more than a cash cow for Communists, Socialists and other totalitarian-minded control freaks.  Every single one of them are chauffeured around in vehicles that do not hold to the very standards that they want to impose on everyone else and many of the countries that support this kind of action don't practice what they preach either.

Tim Brown

On Thursday, the United Nations voted to take the first steps to making international climate change regulations enforceable by the UN.  Don't laugh, they actually want to do this.
According to Killheen Daily Herald:
The U.N. General Assembly voted Thursday to take a first step toward establishing a Global Pact for the Environment, a decision the United States opposed. 
The 193-member world body approved the resolution on a vote of 143-5 with seven abstentions. The U.S. was joined in voting against the resolution by Russia, Turkey, Syria and the Philippines.
The resolution asks Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to produce a report for the next General Assembly session starting in September that identifies and assesses possible gaps in international environmental law and related legal instruments. It also establishes a working group to discuss possible options for addressing any gaps with a view to making recommendations to the assembly in 2019 that could include holding a conference "to adopt an international instrument."............To Read More....

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