Friday, May 18, 2018

Canada: As Trudeau’s Failures Mount, He Demonizes Pro-Trump Former Prime Minister Harper

While supporting Islamic supremacists and putting Canadians at risk of jihad attacks.

Justin Trudeau has been working assiduously to invoke the ghost of Stephen Harper, but this week the ghost himself appeared, no Liberal conjuring needed….There was the former prime minister, in a full-page ad in The New York Times, offering a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump.

The Star’s article referred to Harper’s support for President Trump’s scrapping the Iranian deal, a deal that enabled Iran to expand its regional and global support of terrorism. Iran’s Supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, has vowed to destroy America and has called any promotion of negotiations treason.

Khamenei has also promoted a nine-point plan to annihilate the “barbaric” state of Israel.
The deal saw billions pumped into the rogue state of Iran’s coffers, which it used to advance its proxies globally and expand its nuclear capability. “55,000 pages of documents and 183 CD’s revealed that Iran hid an atomic archive of documents on its nuclear program.” Iran has been “blatantly lying” as it developed its nuclear program.

Yet Trudeau “delivered a thinly veiled rebuke to the Trump administration and Israel over their opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.” It is difficult to imagine that any mentally competent individual could possibly deem the rogue state of Iran to be trustworthy. This leaves one to reason that there are other variables at work. ...............conservatives have far too long accepted, internalized, and cowered before undeserved names such as “Islamophobic,” “far right,” “neo-Nazi,” “racist,” “imbalanced,” “intolerant” and the like. Nothing will change that branding because it has worked to instill fear — not wisdom, but a crippling dread................Stephen Harper is not the bogeyman for Canadians; three years after the 2015 elections, conservative Canadians are realizing this.

The real bogeymen are Islamic State jihadists on the loose who are welcomed in by Trudeau, Islamic supremacists threatening the freedom of speech through the “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103, and skyrocketing debt due to Justin Trudeau being a spending fool.

Throw in Trudeau’s immigration policies as well. He tweeted out an open welcome to asylum seekers when Trump implemented his temporary travel ban from some majority-Muslim countries. Now Canadians are left to foot the bill as 400 illegal migrants per day are expected to pour through Canada’s porous borders this summer. Some will, of course, be security threats.................To Read More.....

My Take - What's wrong with Canadians?  His father was a loon and it was clear the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  Why would they think he was going to be any different?  It's also clear he's corrupt and incompetent bordering on treasonous.  I guess there's one good thing about this - he's likely to the be last Trudeau to get that job.....maybe!  But if Canadians were so stupid as to elect a leftst loon him in the first place, how bright will they be in the future.....but then again.....that's not just a problem in Canada.  I can still see sites declaring Hillary 2020.  I guess stupid really can't be fixed.

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