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The World as I See It: Migration and the End of Europe!

Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression. - Otto von Bismarck

By Rich Kozlovich

Europe has a massive problem with Muslim migrants who not only will not assimilate, they're absorbing the welfare funds, raping European women, creating violence everywhere and are attempting to create Muslim states within these states.

I subscribe to Geopolitical Futures (a site I recommend subscribing to), and on May 17, 2018 they posted a commentary entitled, In Europe, as Migration Falls, Nationalism Rises, which appeared first on Geopolitical Futures Deep Dive section summarizing what's going on in Europe regarding Europe and how it's changing the political landscape, and I believe this is just the beginning. They summarize saying:
The migrant crisis that erupted in 2015 has drastically altered the landscape of European politics in several ways. It created a divide among EU member states, separating countries into two groups: those that willingly took in migrants and agreed to the quota system, and those that did not. The crisis has also encouraged the rise of anti-immigration, anti-establishment political parties, which now play key a role in politics in counties of the latter group.  
In the past two years, migration has fallen significantly. The International Organization for Immigration reported that 172,000 migrants reached Europe by sea in 2017 compared to 363,000 in 2016. But regardless of the decrease in numbers, migration remains at the center of many political debates in Europe. It is especially pressing because most migrants who have arrived since 2015 are likely to remain on the Continent in the long term. Migration will therefore be a key political issue in Europe (and European elections) for years to come. Anti-establishment movements are highly invested in the immigration issue and won’t let it fad away easily.  
Immigration will also play a critical role in defining the European identity and the European Union’s function in the future. Internationalists hope for a United States of Europe but lack the coercive mechanisms to make this dream a reality. They are in direct conflict with those who want the EU to be secondary to the pursuit of national interests, whatever those interests may be. The debate will keep Europe internally focused as it faces divisions and struggles to define its path forward. This Deep Dive will assess the status of the migrant crisis today and the impact migration will have on the geopolitics of the Continent.

The article goes on at great length and detail defining who's coming to Europe, from where, how, and for what reason, legally or illegally. 

Some are fleeing war and instability, some are merely economic migrants seeking a better life economically, but it appears Europe is finally coming to the understanding they just can't let these people come in as they please and are tightening up their borders to control immigration, but open travel in Europe is fundamental to the concept of a united Europe under the European Union and the "reintroduction of such controls is not a fatal blow to the free movement of citizens and legal residents in Europe", although this change isn't all that difficult for Europeans, it's the beginning of the end of the EU as I see it since there are a number of European countries that have never accepted the EU's suicide pact regarding Muslim immigration. 

This has created serious "internal divisions" in European and EU politics.  First, we have to grasp this fundamental point.  Europeans are socialists, and socialists of one ilk or another run these nations.  Western Europe, including Great Britain, have been run by International socialists versus the Nationalist socialists that ran Europe before WWII. 

These nations are now in a fit as there are political parties forming that see just how dangerous this Muslim wave is to the very existence of ethnic Europeans.  Socialism is fundamentally atheistic, as a result, Europe no longer has any real religious identity.  After WWI Europe became more and more atheistic, agnostic and just didn’t care any longer about religion, and since the end of WWII, I think it's fair to say that is even more true today.  However, these Muslim immigrants do care about religion - and their religion demands jihad!  Including "immigration jihad". 

Enter the NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) who use the legal system of the European Court of Human Rights to force Europe to accept illegal immigration, claiming these people were abused when returned to their country of origin.  If they prevail, even more Muslim migrants will be able to infest Europe.

However, some of Europe's leaders recognize this is really a religious issue.  Europe's, as well as the rest of the Western world's values are Judaic/Christian values and as the article points out:

In essence, the immigration debate has brought to the forefront questions about the EU’s core principles and future.

The big divide is between Eastern Europe and Western Europe, where in the post-Soviet Eastern Europe, they're not all that thrilled with Western Europe’s liberal values and multicultural concepts, and they're resisting the EU's forced quota system.  Geopolitical Futures commentary goes on to say:
The most controversial measure proposed by Brussels on immigration was refugee quotas. A resettlement plan for 160,000 asylum-seekers was launched in 2015 to relieve pressure on Italy and Greece, the main countries of entry for migrants. The aim was to spread the refugee burden among member states based on the size and wealth of each country. Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary voted against mandatory quotas, but to no avail. However, the program was curtailed in September 2017, after the transfer of fewer than 28,000 refugees. The same month, Slovakia and Hungary sued the EU for its quota policy, but the European Court of Justice ruled against them. Nevertheless, since the quotas were initially assigned, the Czech Republic has accepted only 12 of the 2,000 asylum-seekers it was supposed to take in, while Hungary and Poland have accepted none. In December 2017, the European Commission launched a legal procedure against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic at the European Court of Justice for refusing to accept refugee quotas. But these governments will likely only face fines.
The commentary concludes saying the EU is working to integrate these migrants, claim the EU is better prepared to deal with what they're calling "populists" than they've been in the past. But it's clear assimilation is not happening and these "populists" will work to gather political support saying these migrants are a threat to their nations, and they're right!

I have great regard for these analysts at this organization, they really dig deep and work hard, and I've gotten great insights from their work, but they may not always be in harmony with my conclusions. 

The EU is attempting to stem the tide of reality.  These migrants are not going to become assimilated because they want to create the same kind of system they've left, and what they want is some form of Islam as Europe's social paradigm.  Which based on what goes on in the nations they left  that will generate unending violence.

More and more Europeans are seeing this, even some in the Scandinavian countries - which says a lot because they've been completely blinded by the Integrationist Socialists of Sweden, Norway and Denmark over what's really going on with these Muslim immigrants.  Why else can you be arrested for reporting the truth about their activists unless it's a deliberate effort to fool the people?

Western countries are being led down an insane path to attain something called "multiculturalism", a formula designed to destroy western Judaic/Christian culture by leftist elitists. Why is that so hard to grasp? But this 'seeming' inability in their failure to grasp reality is not an accident, it's clearly deliberate.

Sweden's leaders, the media and their cultural elite are turning these wolves out to feed on the flock they are supposed to shepherd and protect. As some point there's going to be an uprising by the common people triggering untold violence.

The answer? Declare Islam what it really is - a violent terrorist criminal movement masquerading as a religion. Eliminate immigration from any nation ruled or controlled by Muslims. Keep them poor, keep them unarmed as much as possible and keep them over there.  This will only be done if "Nationalist Socialists" defeat the "Internationalist Socialists" currently destroying Europe.  I can assure you there's a National Socialist Mussolini in every one of these European countries ready to take over, but their concern won't be about world conquest - it will be about survival.

I can hear the screams of outrage even now from readers. But when Ferdinand and Isabella finally defeated the Muslim armies in Spain in 1492 they decided to kick out the Jews immediately and keep the Muslims because they thought they would blend in with Spanish society. 


They had to kick out the Muslims ten years later and lost the Sephardic Jews who had already assimilated and blended and would have contributed to Spanish society.   Muslims do not contribute - they take from the infidel -  because that's what the Koran teaches, and that's what's happening all over Europe. 

Because of Europe's stupid leftist policies, especially their multiculturalism immigration policies, we're looking at, The Death of Europe!

Islam and Leftism are cancers that destroy every society they infest. Europe is facing a Seldon Crisis, and when there's no shared or accepted vision to direct the way - violence - and possibly on an unprecendented scale - is sure to be the answer. 

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