Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Civil War: Progressive Group Axes Key Members From Governing Board Over Rural Voter Outreach

Matt Vespa  May 14, 2018

A progressive group, Wellstone Action, named after the late Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) decided to axe two members from its governing board because they wanted to focus on winning back white working class voters. To make things even more intense, the two members removed from the board were the sons of the late Minnesota Democrat. In 2002, Wellstone died in a plane crash while campaigning for his re-election. His wife and daughter were also killed. Since then, Wellstone Action has trained thousands of liberal operatives and candidates. While we focus on Trump winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which is a first for a GOP presidential candidate since the 1980s, the president also came within striking distance of winning Minnesota, missing it by a mere 1.5 percent. These areas are chock full of white working class voters who felt abandoned, marginalized, and denigrated by National Democrats (via Politico):..........To Read More.....

My Take - I've been saying the 2018 midterm election will be a blood bath for the Democrats and this is one of the reasons why.  There are no boundaries to the left for these people, and anyone who attempts to thwart this leftward surge must be purged from their ranks.  The Democrat Party will become more radical, less represented in all of the nations governmental bodies and the Congress will become even more divided than ever in American history.  These leftists have no solutions except to demand more taxes, more expenditures on programs that are failures, hating Trump, pushing racial and identity politics, abandon the defense of the nation, and anything else that undermines the economic future of this nation. 

As one cartoon on The American Spectator said: "A social justice warrior is: Humorless, whiny, loud, angry, obnoxious, liberal, and always offended."

That's not much of a platform if you're wanting to draw the sane to your party....and I don't care what group they belong to, and we're going to see an exodus out of the party, if not officially, at the very least, in the voting booth. 

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