Monday, August 7, 2017

Feel the Bern: The World Owes Venezuela Nothing

By Rich Kozlovich

On August 4th, Ana Quintana published an article entitled, Venezuela Succumbed to Dictatorship: The World Must Push Back, saying:
Over the weekend, Venezuela succumbed to dictatorship. It’s going to take a concerted international effort to reverse this ugly development. On July 30, socialist strongman Nicolas Maduro held a fraudulent and highly unpopular election. As a result, all 545 seats of a new “Constituent Assembly” are being filled with candidates hand-picked by Maduro’s National Socialist Party The Constituent Assembly is empowered to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution, expel members of the opposition from the current National Assembly, and consolidate all power in the executive branch.

On the day of the election, Maduro’s security forces killed 16 innocent demonstrators and bystanders. Videos showed national guardsmen pouring live fire into unarmed crowds and lobbing teargas into hospitals and apartment buildings.   In 121 days of anti-government protests, government forces have killed 130 innocents and detained 3,500 demonstrators. More than 430 protestors (sic) remain incarcerated.
Ok, so what?  The things she reports here are important, but meaningless when compared to the horrors that have been going on for years.  I know what's going on there.  I've posted or published 45 articles, including this one, about the nightmare of Venezuela's socialist paradise under the label 

(Editor's note:  There are six more under this label but they're dealing with Rahm Emanuel, Democrats, communists, socialists and leftist loons .  There I go again repeating myself. RK)

You may wish to take this opportunity to explore these posts, if for no other reason than to be assured these horrors have been going on for years - and the world didn't see any need to "fix" Maduro and his thugs.  Here's one of the articles I've written: Venezuela "Felt The Bern" in 2016, listing those horrors.

I give this author credit, but where has the main stream media been these last ten years?  Where was the public outrage?  Buried! Because entirely too many in the media and American government want the U.S. to Feel the Bern also.

The author says the world needs to push back? Really?  Why?  Maduro will be gone before year's end.  Venezuela is going to collapse all on it's own and Maduro is - at least in my opinion - trying to keep control long enough to rape what's left of the nation's wealth before he and all his thugs escape to some nation who will harbor them.  Remember Chavez's daughter is a billionaire.....a billionaire!  And as far as has been reported - she never had a job. How did that happen? And are we to believe all that money is in some Venezuelan bank? A country whose currency is now worthless?

The nation's oil is thick and rich with contaminants making it hard to refine and they may become the only energy rich nation without a market because fracking oil is not only light and sweet - it's super light and sweet - and there are few refineries in the world who will take their oil - most of them are in the Gulf Coast of the U.S. And when those refineries change over for fracking oil....what then? The vast majority of Venezuela's wealth comes from oil, and the worldwide price has dropped dramatically!  There's no fixing Venezuela from the outside.

The nation is rich with mineral deposits, but the socialist thieves and murderers who run the country wasted billions on socialist causes instead of building an internal infrastructure to get at them or transport them. It's railroads don't even link up with the other northern tier nations of South America.  The geography of South American makes exports out of Venezuela extremely difficult to impossible financially and logistically.

The only natural economic hope for Venezuela is to the North to the United States.  That day is coming soon and the world will have to do nothing for it to happen.  In fact - much of South America will be looking to the U.S. for economic support as a direct result of fracking.  They won't like it but they're going to have to learn to like it because we're going out of the world police and economic hand holding businesses, and the world is heading for a massive economic downturn.  The only nation in the world that can feed itself, fuel itself, arm itself and defend itself is the United States. The rest of the world, including China and Russia, are now and have always been in need of outside sources.  We don't need them - they do need us. 

These urgent cries for the world to do something are fraudulent.  These aren't emotional cries for the world to step up - it's an emotional appeal for the U.S. to jump into this mess.

Even when the rest of the world's nations own interests are involved - their commitment to anything is half hearted and half witted, making whatever they do a fairly worthless public relations show.  The only real hope is they don't make a bigger mess of it all.

Now if the rest of South America want to interfere - well that's up to them - and after all couldn't that be the responsibility of the Union of South American Nations? They keep telling the U.S. it's their bailiwick and the U.S. needs to keep it's nose out.  Okay, I agree, and the world is in for a rude awakening.  America not only needs to stay out of it - the U.S. is going to stay out if it.  We're not going to be the world's policeman much longer, nor are we going to be the wholesale defender of democracy any longer.

The Bretton Woods concepts of post WWII has run from being partially successful in Europe to an abject failure elsewhere, especially in Muslim countries.  And we're not going to open our markets wholesale to these nations much longer. We're broke - and it's time to start cleaning our own house and stop worrying about taking out the world's trash costing hundreds and even thousands of American lives and billions of tax payers dollars. Especially since so very often they're replaced with even worse trash.

These countries have social paradigms going back hundreds of years that make it impossible for American concepts of democracy to be adopted successfully, and that includes Europe which has a shared history and ethic. The only country that comes close is Australia.

So get over it, stop emoting about it, turn mother's picture to the wall and go home. It's their problem, Venezuelans brought Chevez to power and resisted any efforts to stop him. It's their punishment. It's a punishment they brought on themselves, and that punishment is what will create the fix. Let them do it.

But - we're Americans - and you know what that means.  America is the only truly generous and compassionate nation on the planet.  When Maduro and his thugs are gone they'll be leaving massive starvation and disease behind - the common denominator of socialists worldwide throughout history.  We'll send massive shipments of food and medicine.  And the private citizens of America - that horror of capitalism and personal greed - will send more aid than all the rest of the world's governments combined, as we did in Haiti.  And much of it, if not not most of it, will be wasted, as it was in Haiti. 

But helping others less fortunate is a foundational American social paradigm based on the amazing success created by capitalism, the U.S. Constitution and the Judaic/Christian ethics and principles, which all of that is based on.  All the things socialists hate and despise and desperately want to rid the world of.  And why?   So the world can achieve utopia and "Feel the Bern"!  But it's not utopia that follows socialism.  It's dystopia!  Misery, suffering, disease, starvation and early death is what follows socialism just as sure as Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote - a madman. 

That's history, and that history is incontestable.  

Can You Feel The Bern?


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