Monday, August 7, 2017

Definition Leads To Clarity. Clarity Leads to Understanding.

By Rich Kozlovich

When you see or read the news the level of non-conservative stupidity, arrogance and incompetence of the Republican party is overwhelming, and justified. 

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

The Democrats aren't doing any better, and in fact - they're in worse shape.  The only thing they have going for them is they know how to rule.  Their ideas are right out of Das Kapital, and a green agenda that's right out of Nazi Germany (I'm not making that up) but they can pass anything they wish when in control because they're all pretty much leftist myrmidons.  The almost zombie like obedience to their leaders and the leftist insanity they promote is so obvious the only thing missing is someone demanding a "sieg heil" from one of Hillary Clinton's audiences, or an unending standing ovation as they did for Joe Stalin, everyone being mortally afraid to be the first to stop clapping.

However, as bad as the Republicans are at ruling - they're still growing at the grassroots level.  Recently West Virginia's Democratic Governor, Jim Justice, switched parties making West Virginia completely controlled by Republicans.   That means there are now 26 states completely controlled by Republicans leaving 24 states and only 6 of those are completely controlled by Democrats.  The remaining 18 have mixed control, and only Nebraska has a unicameral legislature.  All others are bicameral.

Things might start being even worse in these other states, even California.  It's been clear to me voter fraud has been rampant for decades, but it has grown like a fungus in recent years.  I'm convinced that's how Obama got elected both times.  Of course the Democrats snarkily chortle at this but investigations are showing this is nothing to laugh at.  In California there 11 counties were more votes were cast than there are registered voters. 

"Los Angeles election officials told Judicial Watch that the number of registered voters in the county is now 144% of of the total number of resident citizens of voting age." Well, in Chicago they call that graveyard voters.  And this is coming out all over the country.  If this gets fixed - Democrats will start losing even more states and more seats in Congress. 

But what about the Republicans and Trump's voters?

"The GOP ran on "repeal and replace" and raised millions of dollars from individual donors who believed in this promise. Politicians aren't used to having to actually deliver on what they say on the campaign trail, but a Virginia attorney has filed suit against the Republican National Committee over the party's failure to repeal and replace."

It's clear Republicans "seized on candidate Trump's repeal message to raise money" but “never intended to implement the Trump Agenda or fulfill the promises of the Republican Platform," as Congress' actions this year demonstrate."

Speaker Ryan has told the GOP: “If we don’t do our job we will depress turnout,”.......“I am frustrated as well.”  Failing to do their job may depress turnout - for them!  Will it depress voter turnout for others who wish to take their place? 

In Ohio Sherrod Brown is up for re-election and these people are running for his seat, who have no chance.  Ted Strickland (D), former Governor of Ohio and former U.S. Representative.  Joe DeMare (G), factory worker and environmentalist.  Scott Rupert (I), truck driver and candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2012.  Tom Connors (I), James Stahl (Write-in), and then there's Mike Gibbons saying in his press release:
"While Congress has been playing politics, Ohio families are hurting. I don't know how much clearer I can be." "The United States Senate's inability to pass even the most basic repeal of the Obamacare disaster epitomizes why I am running to represent Ohio in Washington. This vote showed the nation that career politicians are unwilling and unable to follow through on their promises to the American people. For seven long years, Republicans have promised a frustrated nation that we would repeal and replace Obamacare if we were only given the power to do so. Now we have the power, but we refuse to follow through on our promise. Congress needs to roll up its sleeves and get to work. They should stay in Washington until the job is done. It's about the patients, not the politics."
Gibbons has raised over 600,000 in four weeks , so he's not a flash in the pan no chance guy. He'll be running against Mandel and in the primaries. Here's what Mike Biundo, Senior Advisor to Gibbons, said:
"The outpouring of support Mike has received over the past few weeks has been beyond anything we could have hoped for. It is clear that conservatives across Ohio want a strong, no nonsense voice to go to Washington and represent them, not another career politician who will do nothing to drain the DC swamp. Mike Gibbons is working every day to offer Ohioan solutions, not the typical beltway soundbites, and the people of Ohio are responding."
So why is this important?  For one thing - I never heard of this guy until this week.  And secondly because conservative voters are really angry, and are going to work at the grass roots level to change Congress, and it's my opinion 2018 will be a blood bath for incumbents in both parties, and 2020 will be worse.

After 2018 it's my view there will a much larger divide between leftists and conservatives in Congress. After 2020 there will mostly only be those on the far left and those on the far right with the far left having Maxine as their spiritual leader who will unendingly be re-elected in her district, and Schumer as their military commander, and he's there until 2022. 

Gifts that keep on giving.

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