Thursday, May 17, 2018

No wonder he never got the Nobel prize: Tom Wolfe made the left look stupid

By Monica Showalter May 16, 2018

It's couched in oh, so delicate terms, as pretty much everyone mourns the death of the great Tom Wolfe. Tom Wolfe was a reporter; Tom Wolfe was an observer. Tom Wolfe eyed status-seeking. Tom Wolfe skewered the establishment. And through his incredible mastery of words, he entertained the hell out of us. Yes, true enough. But somehow he never got a Nobel Prize in literature, despite vastly outranking almost everyone else who has.

So I guess I am corrupting things a little when I state the obvious about Wolfe: he did write; he did observe; he did skewer; and by gosh, it all added up to making the left look stupid, particularly the cultural left, because it is the establishment. There is no way a writer this honest could not find them.

And because he was a ferocious believer in and chronicler of American exceptionalism, he got them good. Oh, he made the left look stupid. It's why reading his work is such a delicious pleasure.................Read more

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