Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You Won’t Believe What Target’s CEO is Blaming Their Sales Slump On

By Philip Hodges

Target’s CEO Brian Cornell said the recent sales slump the retailer has experienced has nothing to do with the 1.2 million (plus) people who have boycotted the company over its transgender restroom policy. Instead, it has to do with…climate change.   In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Brian Cornell said that their sales slump has to do with the weather: “It’s been a very wet and cold start to the year, and it’s reflected in our sales.” He added, “We haven’t seen anything from a structural standpoint that gives us pause.”

Ever since the retail giant’s April 19th announcement that their customers and employees should use the gender-specific restroom consistent with their “gender identity,” sales have fallen and continue to fall. In fact, since April 19th, the company has lost almost $6 billion in stock values.   While retailers in general have seen recent slumps, Target’s slump is more severe than its competitors’. From Breitbart:.....To Read More....

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