Friday, May 27, 2016

World Population Will Stabilize Because Humans Aren’t Cockroaches

Posted on by Alex Berezow

For bizarre reasons that I simply do not understand, world population growth is a hot-button issue. There is a large segment of the public that seems to believe that humans will continue to reproduce until we run out of food and water. Basically, we’re just like cockroaches or bacteria. No serious demographer believes that — as world fertility has been declining for years — but facts haven’t yet extinguished this pernicious myth.

Just two months ago, in response to an article I wrote in 2011 on the myth of overpopulation,  I received an e-mail that read: “You are the worst kind of a**hole. You’re obviouly [sic] a pawn of the powers that be.” So, I’m a bad person because I believe humans aren’t cockroaches, and I only hold this opinion because I’m being paid off by … well, somebody.

Internet malcontents aren’t the only ones who hold these strange views. The always enlightened Bill Maher told a woman that she is “super-selfish” for having five children......To Read More....

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