Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beyond McDonald’s Idiotic Comment, the VA System Is Still Failing

by Jim Geraghty 
Quite a few people are calling for the resignation of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald over this remark:.....Yes, that’s quite stupid, on many levels –among them, Disney does measure the wait times for its rides and focuses on minimizing them to ensure happy customers. But don’t fire McDonald over this. Fire him over this report from April:.....
When McDonald took the job, he declared, “I won’t tolerate those who stifle initiative, who seek to punish people who raise legitimate concerns, or those who lack integrity in word or deed. Trust is essential in everything we do.” Or fire him over this obvious face-saving way of adjusting the wait time measurement:.......Or fire McDonald for failed implementation of the post-Shinseki reforms:.....Wait, there’s more! Construction costs for a new VA hospital in Aurora, Colorado went $1.1 billion over the cost estimate.......Wait, there’s more! .......“The (House veterans) committee recently found that the Palo Alto (Calif.) VA health care system has spent at least $6.3 million on art — on art and consulting services,” he said. “These projects include an art installation on the side of a parking garage that displays quotes by Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt in — wait for it — in Morse code that cost $285,000. It actually lights up."............Read more

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