Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Security guard arrested for ousting man from women's restroom


Law enforcement officers in the nation’s capital arrested a female security guard and threatened her with “hate crime” charges for removing a [biological] man — who claims to be a woman — from a women’s restroom. The woman security guard — whose name was not released — reportedly asked a “transgender” man on Monday at around noon to leave a restroom located inside a Giant store that was designated for women only.

After refusing to comply with the security guard, the 32-year-old male, who identifies himself as “Ebony” Belcher, made a scene, which ended in the guard escorting the man from the Washington, D.C. retail store.  Belcher recounted that the female security guard insisted that his behavior of frequenting the women’s facilities was not allowed by the law in the nation’s capital — at least, yet......As a result of Belcher’s phone call, the police arrested the security guard for allegedly assaulting the transgender man.........Many eyewitnesses did not see things the way LGBT activists and the local police department interpreted the event.........“You got a penis — go to the men’s bathroom,” Giant shopper Deana Chisholm reasoned when questioned about the incident by the WJLA television station. “If you are born a woman, go to the women’s bathroom — period.”...........To Read More.....

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