Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thanks to GOP, Washington's Summer Spending Spree Has Started

Genevieve Wood

Washington’s summer spending spree is off to a very bad start for taxpayers. Congress couldn’t agree on a budget deal earlier this spring, but that isn’t stopping them from passing spending bills at historic levels. And President Barack Obama is fully engaged in budget gimmickry as well. The good news is that the majority of voters across the political spectrum are opposed. The bad news is that Washington doesn’t appear to be listening. Watch the Video

House May Follow Senate, Advance Appropriations Bill That Spends More Than Obama Requested

Philip Wegmann

The White House has threatened to veto the House’s energy and water appropriations bill, which spends more than President Barack Obama requested, but contains provisions that restrict government power.   This week the House will consider the $37.5 billion spending package, which spends $259 million more than the level enacted in 2016 and $168 million above the president’s request.

But on Monday, the White House signaled a veto threat, announcing that “the administration strongly opposes” the bill. The objection stems not from the higher spending level, but from conservative policy riders included in the package. “The legislation includes highly problematic ideological provisions,” the administration wrote in an Office of Management and Budget statement, “including provisions that threaten to undermine our ability to protect a resource that is essential to America’s health: clean water.”.......To Read More.....

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