Saturday, May 28, 2016

Supreme Court Concern is Just Tip of the Iceberg for Conservatives

Scott Rasmussen

The biggest impact any president can have on the nation is the ability to shape the Supreme Court. Conservative voters are especially concerned about this because they believe the Court has become too liberal in recent years. With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, conservative concerns about the Court have reached panic levels. Given the age of current Justices, the next president could shape the Court for a generation.......But, the issue of Supreme Court nominations is just the tip of the iceberg. When you look beneath the surface, conservatives face a far greater challenge with courts and the legal system.   Research by Northwestern University Law Professor James Lindgren shows that the legal system feeding cases to the Supreme Court over-represents Democrats and under-represents Christians. While 41% of the working population are Democrats, 61% of lawyers claim that affiliation. At the same time, 68% of lawyers are Christians compared to 78% of working Americans. That’s a bit problematic, but not overwhelming.......

When you go a little deeper and look at who’s teaching the next generation of lawyers, the differences become truly astounding. Nationally, there are a few more Democratic voters than Republicans and Independents, but the overall numbers are fairly even. However, among law school faculty, 82% are Democrats, 11% Republican, and 6% Independent. Fewer than half are Christian

......Theodore Roosevelt, the first progressive president, complained that we needed to stop talking about the rights of the people and start talking about their duty to government.   Lindgren’s research suggests that the rising generation of lawyers is unlikely to receive a balanced perspective on this clash........To Read More....

My Take -  Woodrow Wilson was cut from the same cloth as Teddy Roosevelt and became known as America's first fascist president.  But I consider Teddy Roosevelt the worst president of the20th century because he gave personality and impetus to the progressive movement in America, which was a sanitized version of European socialism, but with all of socialism's evil attributes.  What's frightening is how Teddy is portrayed by the media, in books, and in history classes......he was not an American hero.....he was a traitor to his oath to support and uphold the Constitution which he - just as Wilson - believed was an impediment to human progress.  We need to start paying attention to the real history of socialism in American and give far less credibility to the History Channel, which so often is so full of clabber it's enough to make knowledgeable people nauseous. 

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