Thursday, May 26, 2016

3 Ways TSA Could Improve Wait Times

Riley Walters / /

We’ve all had to awkwardly stand in line at airport security as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) herds hundreds of passengers to departure gates. Long lines only add to the already stressful event of flying.  Our current airport security process has become a running joke (along with long waits at the DMV or the “simplicity” of doing taxes).  Here are a few measures that could increase security at airports while shortening the wait time:

1. Expand the Screening Partnership Program......
2. Enlarge and Strengthen TSA PreCheck.....
3. Ensure Airports Screening is Subject to Risk Assessments and Red Team Tests ............To Read More....

My Take - All wrong.  Just fire the government, dump the union - a major part of the problem, which was forced on the Republicans or the Democrats wouldn't vote to have this kind of security system after 911 - and let the airports hire private firms.  We already know the TSA is virutally worthless at stopping anyone, or finding anyone, or exposing anyone who's a danger to the passengers - so competence isn't the issue hiring private firms.  These firms could be just as incompetent as the TSA for far less money, and who knows - since there would always be a threat of losing the contract  for their services they just might be much better, much faster, more competent and it goes.....much cheaper.  Besides -  with this level of incompetence - how much worse could the be? 

Okay, let's see a show of hands.  How many really believe the TSA is making us safer? 

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