Tuesday, May 24, 2016

House Conservatives Mull Budget ‘Trigger’ That Could Reduce Federal Spending

Philip Wegmann /

Conservatives are considering a budget compromise that would reduce spending by $30 billion unless the House is able to pass at least 10 appropriations bills. The “trigger” proposal, first reported by Roll Call, is the latest spending suggestion designed to break a stalemate in the ongoing budget battle. A long shot and a bit of a gamble, the plan requires buy-in from both conservatives and Republican leadership.

There are two steps to the proposal, a Republican Study Committee aide explained to The Daily Signal, noting that the biggest GOP caucus first floated the plan back in February.  The House would approve a $1.04 trillion budget and begin passing appropriations bills at this lower spending level that conservatives want. But if the House manages to move 10 appropriations bills, lawmakers then would be able to increase the budget to the $1.07 trillion level that leadership wants......To Read More....

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