Thursday, May 26, 2016

They Canceled the Lord’s Prayer at this School’s Graduation, And Then This Happened [VIDEO]

By Michael Ware May 25, 2016

We have become a nation of wimps and blowhards. Most of the time, the only people willing to stand up is those who wish to destroy the Christian foundations our nation was built upon. If there are people ready to fight it is usually to silence the Christian majority.  It looked as though this would be the case once again in a small Ohio town. East Liverpool has traditionally had their choir sing the Lord’s Prayer at every graduation ceremony. But, last year a parent complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They, in turn, sent a letter of complaint to the school board, which decided they would do better to spend their small budget on things other than lawyers.  But the student body had something else in mind.

Christian News reports......To Read More and Watch the Video.....

My Take - So a group in Wisconsin can tell a school in Ohio to stop doing something they don't like in Ohio so they better stop or they will sue.  Which amounts to a SLAP suit, which stands for,
"Strategic lawsuit against public participation"....please follow the link. 

SLAP suits are an absolutely insidious misuse of the law, and the judiciary and the Congress are directly responsible for this.  Groups can sue some government entity and get their attorney's fee paid for by the government, especially if it's an environmental issue. 

We've lost our minds. 

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