Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Sharia Is Incompatible with American Values

By James Arlandson

You and I don't like sharia, while hundreds of millions love it. Chillingly, it's still making inroads in American society. Who's right? Are we stuck in relativism? Worse, is the side with the strongest military right? How do we break the deadlock? Any objective – timeless and transcultural – moral truths out there? It's time to go deeper and figure out what's happening in us that makes us recoil at it.

ISIS and many Islamic nations believe, because original Islam teaches, the following:
  • Mosque and state are not separate.
  • Apostasy, or leaving Islam, is outlawed up to the penalty of death.
  • Speaking against Islam is outlawed up to the penalty of death.
  • Jihad or qital (military war only) to force conversions or submit to a tax is allowed.
  • Having sex with female prisoners of war is allowed.
  • Drinkers and gamblers may be flogged.
  • Adulterers and fornicators may be flogged (and adulterers may be stoned to death).
  • Bearing false witness about sexual sin (a "crime" in Islam) can incur flogging.
  • Homosexuals may be flogged or executed.
  • A woman inherits half of what a man does.
  • Domestic violence is allowed.
  • A woman's testimony counts as half of a man's testimony.
  • A man may divorce his wife by pronouncing three times "you are divorced" outside a court of law, and the divorce is legal and final.
It should be pointed out that sharia has laws that look like those of any other system (e.g., don't murder, steal, or traffic drugs).......

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