Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GOP Establishment is Handing Trump the Nomination

Conservativintel Briefing

Just a week left, and many of the leading lights of punditry are now convinced that Donald Trump is going to win in Iowa. The polls bear this out — although even now it is worth noting that last-minute surges in Iowa are the rule rather than the exception, and polls even just one week away from the election don’t tend to be predictive.   The odd thing is that establishment GOP hatred of Ted Cruz is so intense that leading establishment figures are now speaking as though they view a Trump victory as the best possible outcome at this point. It’s somewhat ironic, given Trump’s iconoclastic style, even if it fits Trump’s actual not-very-conservative ideology....

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My Take - You have to give Trump credit for one thing.  He's exposed the phonies in the media and the Democratic and Republican parties for what they are.  Especially the Republicans.  Bankruptcy is staring us in the face and yet they know Trump - no matter what he says or acts now - is an elitist insider with whom they can continue their destructive deal making that's leading the nation and the world to total economic collapse.  The Washington elite must truly be insane! 

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