Tuesday, January 26, 2016

News Roundup!

Front Page
Morning Beacon

Conservative Tribune
Washington Examiner
  1. DeLay: FBI 'ready to indict' Hillary
  2. Clinton refuses to admit email was 'error in judgment'
  3. Clinton: Voters think I'm dishonest because I'm always attacked
  4. Sanders: 'We will raise taxes, yes we will'
  5. Clinton's paid speech problem goes far beyond Goldman Sachs
  6. Editorial: Trump tramples core conservative belief in property rights
  7. Taxpayers to IRS: Fix the debt yourself
  8. What happens after Obama vetoes repeal
  9. Press downplays March for Life crowds
  10. Labor Dept. promises conflict of interest rule
  11. Trump tramples conservative tenet of property rights
  12. Be wary of Trump, conservatives, be wary
  13. Host asks Cruz's wife: Are you sleeping with an immigrant?
Atlas Shrugs
  1. Cologne: German women give roses to rapists
  2. Pamela Geller, WND column: Islamic supremacists’ new war on U.S.
  3. Young Muslim “Refugee” STABS Swedish Woman to Death
  4. Germany: Govt ordered CCTV VIDEOS of Cologne MASS SEX ATTACKS ERASED
  5. Pubs and clubs in Germany’s “inclusive” “Green City” Freiburg forbid refugees
Daily Signal
  1. Why the US Should Look to the Leadership of Churchill and Thatcher
  2. Texas Grand Jury Indicts 2 Undercover Filmmakers Who Exposed Planned Parenthood
  3. What School Choice Advocates Have to Celebrate
  4. Congress Deserves Credit for Trying to Rein in EPA, but More Is Needed
  5. Senator Sinks Obama Court Nominee Over 'Uncomfortable' Views on Illegal Immigration
  6. After Losing His Job for Praying, Coach Kennedy Speaks Out

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