Wednesday, January 27, 2016

France would be speaking German today if human rights groups had existed during World War II

By Gidon BenZvi

Since the outbreak of attacks and attempted attacks against Israeli citizens that began in October 2015, human rights groups such as B'Tselem have been rushing to the defense of Palestinian residents, who are allegedly being subjected to collective punishment by the Israeli military.

In its latest breathless report, filed from occupied Hebron, B'Tselem dedicates the vast majority of its time and space to testimonials of men and women who are positively chaffing under the "sweeping restrictions  imposed by the security forces on the movement of Palestinians in Hebron[.]"

According to the prominent group of academics and attorneys that constitute B'Tselem, "This policy of separation … constitutes collective punishment of residents unfortunate enough to live or work in areas close to where settlers have chosen to live. As such, these restrictions are immoral and unlawful." ........ Australia, take heed.  Once B'Tselem is through with Israel, your Aboriginal policy is next.....

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