Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tell Me How They Treat Their Wives!

By Rich Kozlovich

An article by , entitled, Group Hits Feingold for ‘Inaction’ at VA Facility Following Death of Marine, says: "Conservative groups in Wisconsin are criticizing Russ Feingold for not taking action after being “hand-delivered” a 2009 memo about a Veterans Affairs medical facility that was over-prescribing opiates to patients and, five years later, saw a Marine die from an overdose."....

This goes back to 2009!  Why is this being brought up now?  This is an election year and he's running for the Senate again.  The thing that I find interesting about this article is how they tout him as such a strong thinking independent "leader".  Hmmmmm, I wonder.

Feingold has been married three times.  Three times! I've know two men in my life that's been married three times and one of them is divorced for the third time. That fascinates and amazes me.  I asked the one who was divorced for the third time if ever intended to marry again, to which he adamantly said - "NO"!  And I said "that's good because you're not very good it!"

In the case with both of these men whatever problems existed in the previous marriages, existed in the third.  Why? Because they both have very narrow self serving views, and you just can't explain anything to them they don't want to hear. I think that's critical, and having multiple marriages could be - at least in my opinion - a bad sign of a number of qualities. 

1. They have bad judgment in picking partners, or display attractive qualities they don't really possess. In short - they're deliberately deceiving these women. Does that deceptive quality and lack of judgment apply across the board? I think it does because they have this - "I want what I want attitude" - without thought of what's best, or right. If they're in a leadership position just how important is that?

2. They treat their wives badly. In the cases I personally know they've not been considerate husbands to their wives. If they treat their wives with a lack of respect how would they treat you? It demonstrates a degree of irresponsible behavior. How important is that in a leader?

3. They are incapable of seeing their flaws. It's true in the cases I know, but is this true in other cases? I can't say for sure, but I would be willing to bet it's true across the board. People who are incapable of seeing their own character flaws are arrogant, which is different from being self confident. A self confident person can be told he's wrong, and be willing to accept it. Self confident people want to be right because they are right! And if shown to be wrong they're willing to recognize it, change, and be thankful for being  helped in attaining the correct understanding. Self confident people want to be actually and factually right.  An arrogant person "MUST" be right even if the facts say otherwise.  History is replete with arrogant leaders who were willing sacrifice anyone or anything to make themselves "RIGHT", irrespective of the consequences.

Arrogance is a leftist quality that's been shown to be unendingly true across the board. Do conservatives display this quality? Sure, some do, and I'm not sure if you can truly qualify them as being conservative because that's not an across the board quality among conservatives, . Why? Because, generally speaking,  conservatives aren't interesting in controlling every aspect of your life! Leftists are, and people who have the desire for that much power and control "MUST" be right, and you "MUST" accept it!

Does Feingold display such qualities?  I've not followed him that closely to say for sure, but from what I've seen - yes!  Remember he and John McCain were the authors of  the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act  commonly known as McCain/Feingold, which has been a disaster by actually making worse that which they wanted to control - campaign contributions!   

The Democrats were all hot about it until it was discovered they were more impacted by this bill than the Republicans.  Both the Republans and Democrats have stunning wealthy contributors, but Republican contributors were more spread out among the gerneral population than the Democrats, who are largely financed by massively wealthy people and foundations.  Hence - the 527's took control from the RNC and the DNC, giving power to the far right and far left because they could take in massive amounts of money and spend it as they like as long as they " do
not "expressly advocate" for the election or defeat of a candidate or party.
Do either of them express regret over this?  Maybe I've missed it, but I've not seen any - and McCain who isn't a conservative, may even be more arrogant than Feingold.

This brings me to Donald Trump.  I have serious misgivings about any man who would treat his wives as badly as Trump treated his.  The emotional bonds existing between a husband and wife are extremely powerful - it's part of the human genetic paradigm -
 and any man who would treat a wife that badly - I have to ask: What would he do to you?

For all the years Bill Clinton was in the White House leftist myrmidons in the media touted the line "character doesn't count", and kept saying we can't vet our leaders in this way because there would be no one left to run for office.   I met Bob Novak a number of years ago and he thought it is was ridiculous for us to believe the only real leadership in the nation can be found in corrupt people, which is in effect what the left was saying.  Think about the depth of that for a few minutes.  I highly recommend reading his book:  The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington.

It comes down to this, and I think it's largely true.  Show me how a man treats his wife and I will tell you who he is.  Oh, one more thing by way of disclosure.  In May I will have been married to the same woman for 42 years, and with some exceptions, she doesn't seem to mind too awful much. 

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