Friday, January 29, 2016

What is at Stake for America in Bernie vs. Hillary

The revolution will either destroy America or the Left. 

Daniel Greenfield 

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the same candidate. They’re both leftist radicals with degrees in political science who held back some of their more radical ideas to pursue political office. In the two years that they served together in the Senate, they voted the same way 93 percent of the time.
They’re also political opportunists. Bernie Sanders, no less than Hillary, reinvented his political views, including his allegiance to Socialism, numerous times over the years. Sanders moderated his positions on everything from gun control to Israel when it helped his political career. He’s now modifying plenty of positions all over again in order to appeal to new and different voters.....The real struggle isn’t over beliefs, but over tactics......Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are how the Democratic Party and its leftist masters are having a bar fight about how fast and how hard to move the country toward the left.......Sanders, like Obama, doesn’t really matter. It’s the people around him who set his agenda......Revolution is the crucible in which the left destroys societies, but also ultimately itself.......That revolution will either destroy America or the left.

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