Sunday, January 31, 2016

Huckabee: I'm prepared to stop all abortions

'We have a constitutional obligation to protect people'
While the Republican presidential field has many candidates saying they’re pro-life, only former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is declaring his intention, if elected, to challenge abortion directly in the courts.   “There’s a better approach. We don’t have to pass a constitutional amendment,” Huckabee told CBN News’ David Brody in an exclusive interview.
“We already have two: the Fifth and 14th Amendments. The Fifth Amendment says that you cannot deprive somebody of life or liberty unless there’s due process. The 14th Amendment says that states neither can do that, and they have to provide equal protection under the law.

“What it means is really simple: if the unborn child is a person, they’re already protected under the Fifth and 14th Amendments. It just requires a president who appoints an attorney general who will recognize the personhood of every person from conception forward and say, ‘We have a constitutional obligation to protect people.'”...

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