Monday, January 25, 2016

Vegetarian Diets Don’t Mean Longer Life, Study Finds

Posted on by Ruth Kava

One reason often cited for becoming a vegetarian of some sort is that such a lifestyle is somehow “healthier.” And indeed, there have been studies linking vegetarianism to a lower risk of some types of breast cancer. Conversely, some studies have linked high consumption of meat to an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

Such results, however, beg the question of whether people who adhere to some sort of vegetarianism have a lower risk of dying — from any cause. A new report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition doesn’t support that decreased risk....

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My Take - This study confirms what's been known for a some timeEvery once in a while I will come across a vegan who will invariably tell me how vegans live healthier and longer lives than carnivores.  That's me by the way....a true carnivore.  I love steak, chicken, pork in all forms including bacon and sausage along with lamb and venison, which I've not had in years to my sadness.   You name it...if it's meat....I will probably love it!

But back to the point. 

I will always explain to them the falsity of that view.  Vegans are, generally speaking, more health conscious than the general population and reflect it in their overall life style.  So if you compare vegans to the general population it is true they are healthier.  But if you compare vegans to carnivores who also don't smoke, drink little or no alcohol, exercise, watch their weight and generally live a healthier lifestyle than the general population they do not live healthier or longer lives.  There's a reason statics is called the arcane science.  You have to know how to read them!

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