Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Planned Parenthood indictment: Punishing the pursuer instead of the perp

By Robert Knight

If all else fails, shoot the messenger. On Monday, a grand jury in Houston indicted two journalists who made the explosive undercover videos that feature Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted babies' body parts while sipping wine in a restaurant. A felony charge of tampering with a government record was filed against Center for Medical Progress (CMP) founder David Daleiden and CMP employee Sandra Merritt. Mr. Daleiden also was charged with soliciting the purchase of human organs – as if he really intended to buy them.

The grand jury was initially formed to probe whether a Houston Planned Parenthood clinic was illegally selling unborn babies' body parts. Instead, it indicted the people behind the sting. The videos feature CMP employees posing as prospective purchasers of aborted baby organs discussing pricing with Planned Parenthood officials, one of whom jokes about desiring a Lamborghini. By the grand jury's reasoning, undercover police officers trying to bust drug dealers should be prosecuted for trying to buy drugs. Undercover reporters who get the goods on perps should be hauled in and charged with what the perps are doing......

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