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Atlas Shrugs

VIDEO: Hungarian Prime Minister Warns of Islam’s History, the “Ottoman Experience” - Prime Minister Orban is the only European leader who is talking straight. Orban said the history of Ottoman rule meant Hungarians would not accept large-scale Muslim immigration, a point made recently by neighboring Slovakia.  Prime Minister Orban said Hungary has already experienced this invasion before citing Hungary’s 150 year history under Ottoman Muslim rule. “We don’t want to, and I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Orban said. “We do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary...Read the whole entry »

 Muslim migrants break out of camp; ‘tens of millions’ may arrive in Europe - The photo of a child washed up on a beach has become iconic of the massive Muslim migration to Europe. The child’s death is tragic, but the media’s cynical exploitation of the image is grotesque. The international media obscures the reality of this flood of “refugees” into Europe, in an attempt to blunt legitimate concern over it.  Here’s a typical headline: “Hungary police force migrants from train tracks; dead boy’s image shocks Europe - The victims of the Christian, Yazidi and religious minority genocide in Islamic wars are no less valuable or important as the Muslim child on the beach. They are all victims of the global jihad. Where are the photos of the little girls gang-raped and bought and sold...Read the whole entry »

Actress Emma Thompson: Britain is RACIST for not taking in more refugees - The Hollywood actress says that the UK is not taking in more refugees from Europe because Britain is racist. Ms. Thompson, Islam is not a race. But this kind of incendiary rhetoric is not surprising coming from Emma Thompson, a vicious antisemite, who has publicly called for the boycott of the Jews. She is virulently anti-Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, but curiously silent on the creed apartheid, gender apartheid, oppression, subjugation, and slaughter of non-Muslims and religious minorities in Muslim countries. Apparently she wants more of it — in the UK.  She publicly called on London’s Globe Theater to cancel its invitation to the Israeli theatre company Habima to take part in a Shakespeare Festival,...Read the whole entry »

Iran police to confiscate cars of ‘poorly veiled’ women - Obama could have used his negotiations with Iran to demand improvements in the treatment of women, non-Muslims, gays, etc. He squandered the opportunity. The Iranians didn’t give up anything — he just gave them everything they wanted.  “Iran police to confiscate cars of ‘poorly veiled’ women,” AFP, 2 September 2015 (thanks to Banafsheh): Women drivers in Iran’s capital could have their cars impounded by police if they are caught driving with a poorly fixed veil or without their heads covered, a police chief said Wednesday.  “If a (female) driver in a car is poorly veiled or has taken her veil off, the vehicle will be seized in accordance with the law,” the head of Tehran’s traffic police,...Read the whole entry »

The Daily Signal

4 Ways the Senate Could End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood - Senate Republicans lack the 60 votes needed to pass pro-life legislation, forcing those who want to take away Planned Parenthood's $500 million in government funding to get creative.

Networks Still Aren't Reporting on Planned Parenthood Videos - Three major broadcast networks have not reported on the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos in one month, according to an analysis conducted by the Media Research Center.

What the New York Times Didn't Tell You About the Planned Parenthood Video Analysis - Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS to examine the undercover videos released that have raised questions about the sale of fetal body parts. In reporting the story, however, The New York Times failed to disclose details about Fusion GPS's past work.

How the 3 Congressional Investigations of Planned Parenthood Will Work - In light of the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal body parts, there are three different congressional investigations ongoing. Here are the key questions they want answered.

'Two Key Admissions' Made by Planned Parenthood, According to Center for Medical Progress - The Center for Medical Progress has sent an open letter to Congress in response to a Planned Parenthood-commissioned report questioning the accuracy of the undercover videos released by the organization.

Why Women's Health Care Will Thrive When Planned Parenthood Is Defunded - Today, there are 20 comprehensive care clinics for every Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Life Group to Screen Planned Parenthood Videos for Democrat Staffers - "It's been widely reported that Democrat members have not seen this footage—and that even Senate Democrats had not seen the videos before voting to block efforts to defund the organization," says a Susan B. Anthony List spokesperson.

What Happened When 2,000 Democratic Staffers Were Invited to Watch Planned Parenthood Videos - The Daily Signal was present at a screening of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos to see how many of the 2,000 Democrats staffers invited would attend.


Bipartisan Group of Senators Set to Announce Deal to Reduce Prison Population - The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, but incarcerates almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Proponents from both sides blame federal overreach for making it this way.

North Dakota Legalizes Weaponized Drones. Is That a Good Idea? - A drone with a taser or pepper spray may not have the same accuracy as a police officer with the same weapon—leading to more people being tased or sprayed than intended.


A Year After Obama Visits, California Farmer Struggles to Keep His Farm - California farmer Joe Del Bosque is struggling to keep his farm going, thanks to the long drought and regulations.

How This New Government Ruling Destroys the Franchise Business Model - To understand how far-reaching this could be, note that almost 9 million Americans work at over 780,000 franchised businesses

This Obamacare Co-Op Was Supposed to Make Money. Instead, It Lost Over $15 Million. -  A Nevada health insurance provider that received more than $65 million in taxpayer-funded loans from the federal government announced it is discontinuing operations at the end of the year.

The Truth About Wages in Right-to-Work States - An Economic Policy Institute paper claimed right-to-work laws reduce wages by 3 percent. Here are the facts.


Obama Is Ignoring the Science on Climate Change - Obama continues to ignore science that doesn’t fit his narrative and has ignored sound evidence from people who disagree with him.

Homosexual Marriage

It's Not Hypocritical to Oppose Gay Marriage and Let Infertile Couples Marry. Here's Why.- Here are four different ways to respond to that argument.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: States, Not Federal Government, Traditionally Regulate Marriage - In the "Constitution and the amendments there are more than 7,500 words," Abbott says. "Not a single one of them mentions the word marriage."

What’s Next for the Marriage Debate After Supreme Court Ruling - The majority's opinion in the gay marriage ruling is unclear, and fails to provide accommodation for individuals who object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

Why This Libertarian Supports Gay Marriage and Religious Liberty - Cato Institute's Ilya Shapiro rejects the racism comparison and says individuals or private businesses should be allowed to decline to do work for same-sex weddings based on their religious beliefs.

How Kim Davis Can Be Released From Jail Without Agreeing to Violate Her Conscience - In this particular case, there are a number of potential ways forward so that same-sex couples can get licenses as required by the courts and Kim Davis can be released from jail without having to agree to resign or violate her conscience.

10 Public Officials Who Defied the Law Over Gay Marriage Mostly Silent on Kentucky Clerk Case - Before the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage across the nation, several public officials refused to defend marriage laws that didn't include legalized gay marriage. Do they think Kim Davis' conscience should also be respected?

Middle East

4 Misleading Claims Obama Made About Iran Deal In New Remarks - President Obama made four misleading claims about the Iran deal in his most recent speech on the matter

5 Things John Kerry Got Wrong on the Iran Deal - Secretary of State John Kerry gave a talk defending the Iran Deal's merits. But some of his claims were contrary to reality

UK's Former Defense Secretary: The West 'Surrendered' to Iran in Nuclear Talks - Liam Fox, a conservative member of Parliament, called the agreement a "fulfillment of the Iranians' wish list" that was about "politics more than it was about security."


As War Escalates, Ukrainian Volunteer Battalion Remains Sidelined - As the Ukraine war continues to escalate and as casualties mount, the Azov Battalion remains sidelined from the conflict, highlighting the uneasy relationship between the government in Kyiv and the many volunteer units on which it leaned heavily in the early days of the war.

Ukraine: Deadly Protests Outside Parliament Over Autonomy Vote - "They say that we should negotiate, but in my humble opinion, as a citizen, negotiating with Russia is the same as negotiating with an alligator," said Julia Minaeva, 26, a university assistant professor in Kyiv.


Will Government Officials Be Held Accountable for Kate Steinle's Death? - The family of Kate Steinle, who died after being shot by an illegal immigrant, has filed a lawsuit against three government agencies.

Study: Half of Immigrant Households Used At Least One Welfare Program - The Center for Immigration Studies reported that 51 percent of immigrant households used at least one welfare program in 2012 versus 30 percent of native-born households.

Freedom Force

Girls Shouldn't Be Forced to Share a Bathroom With Boys -- Transgender or Not - More than 150 kids walked out of Missouri’s Hillsboro High School yesterday. Why? Because a guy calling himself Lila Perry wanted to use the girls’ locker room. They were bursting with common sense:“Boys needs to have their own locker room. Girls need to have their own locker room and if somebody has mixed feelings where they are, they need to have their own also,” said protester Jeff Childs. The school had offered just such an accommodation, but that wasn’t enough for Perry: Perry told News 4 school officials have been accommodating, understanding, and compliant with Title IX. The school offered her a private gender-neutral restroom, which she turned down The controversy exploded after a girl at the school reported encountering an “intact male” in the locker room. Exposing a penis to girls in a public high school is generally considered an act of sexual harassment, not part of the sexual revolution. But, sadly, Perry can’t see reality:…..

This Cop Executed in Cold Blood -- Why Isn't EVERYONE Mad As Hell? - As in all such cases, the virtue incumbent upon everyone is patience. But allow me a churlish point: If shooter and victim were reversed — if Mr. Miles, a black man, had been shot to death by the white Deputy Goforth — Deray McKesson would have been leading protesters through Cypress on Saturday morning, the White House would have issued a statement, Ta-Nehisi Coates would have been on Meet the Press yesterday discussing how this is to be expected in “white supremacist” America. Despite being based on events that never happened and unreliable statistics, the narrative of police brutality against black Americans is evangelized on every available occasion…..Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders told the host that “unarmed black people” getting ”dragged out of cars” or getting shot “is happening too often.”Sanders said this after Tapper showed him video of Ron Hickman, the sheriff of Harris County, Texas, responding to the murder of a deputy sheriff at a gas station, declaring, “This rhetoric has gotten out of control. We have heard black lives matter, all lives matter. Well, cops’ lives matter, too. So why don’t we just drop the qualifier and just say lives matter and take that to the bank?”
We Do Not Want A Large Number of Muslims in Our Country: Prime Minister of Hungary - Many in America feel that they cannot tell the truth when comes to the Muslim situation. They feel as though they are being mean or hard if they say what they feel. They are scared to have a large population of Muslims in their community. It is not that they think that all Muslims are evil or mean. It is not that they think that they will become militant and seek to take over the country. The problem is that there is always problems that come with Muslims. And the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban has been brave enough to speak the truth.  Aljazeera reports: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that his country does not want to take in large numbers of Muslims, in defence of Hungary’s response to the surge in refugees trying to enter the country. “I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Orban told journalists outside the EU headquarters at Brussels. “We do not like the consequences,” he said, referring to the country’s 150-year history of Ottoman rule during the 16th and 17th centuries…..

Lawmakers May Finally Punish A University For Being Too Politically Correct- Lawmakers in Tennessee are promising to bring the state’s flagship college to heel after it grabbed headlines for telling students to use more “gender-neutral pronouns.” The hoopla started at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UT) when the school’s Pride Center director Donna Braquet posted an online guide on what pronouns to use to refer to people. The guide noted that some people, rather than going by “he” or “she,” may prefer to go by one of “dozens” of gender-neutral pronouns, such as “ze” or “xe.” The guide suggested that professors should ask for preferred pronouns when calling roll, encouraged people to add their “preferred pronoun” when introducing themselves, and even suggested that simply asking strangers for their pronoun was a good policy. (RELATED: Orwell’s Newspeak Is Coming To A Campus Near You)  While the guide was taken down following public backlash, some state lawmakers say its very existence is a call to action. On Thursday, 32 Tennessee lawmakers sent a letter to UT’s board of trustees condemning the pronoun crusade as a ludicrous waste of money…..

DC Police Union Says Mayor Is Lying About Crime Stats - The D.C. Police Union is accusing Mayor Muriel Bowser of fudging the facts about city crime statistics following comments she made.Last Thursday, Bowser tweeted an infographic claiming that Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier is responsible for a more than 50 percent reduction in crime during her tenure …..Gregg Pemberton, a spokesman for the DC Police Union, told The Daily Caller News Foundation the mayor and police chief were simply in “damage control.”  “Both their numbers are plummeting and they need to save face,” Pemberton said. “Lies are the best way to do that.”…..

If You Are Paid by Government, You Must Obey Their Command: Carly Fiorina - Kim Davis is now languishing in jail for her faith. And there are many that have come out in support of the stand that she has taken against sodomite unions. Huckabee has even planned a rally in support of Kim. But there are other who have taken an alternative stance. But, it seems that there is an attempt to make a half-way stance. We find this in the RINO Carly Fiorina…..Though Mrs. Fiorina sounds good when discussing her faith and policy, we find that when the rubber meets the road, her statism outweighs her Christianity. Fiorina makes a good Roman but not a good Christian.  If our love for America and her government is too important to obey God’s Law, then we are undone…..

The Liberal Establishment Hates ‘Anti-Establishment’ Americans - Liberal MSNBC contributor and Bloomberg Politics anchor Mike Barnicle made it clear in a recent discussion on Bloomberg Politics that he doesn’t want to live anywhere near any “anti-establishment” Americans. When his cohost (also an MSNBC contributor) John Heilemann mentioned that a majority of Iowa Republicans were supporting anti-establishment candidates Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina, Barnicle replied with quite a snippy retort.  53%? So that means that if I lived in Iowa, I would want to know where each of those members of that 53% lived, and I would want to live as far away from them as possible, because there is something seriously wrong with the Republican party if those people combined have a majority of the voters……
Ted Cruz Speaks Out in Support of America’s Policemen - During an event in New Hampshire on Monday, Senator Ted Cruz spoke out in support of our nation’s police officers. Speaking specifically about the recent murder (or more appropriately, the assassination) of Houston area deputy Darren H. Goforth, Senator Cruz called for leaders across the nation to support our police against the violent rhetoric of liberal anti-police organizations.

VA IG Confirms Worst Fears: 300,000 Vets Really Did Die While Waiting For Healthcare - A total of 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process their healthcare applications, a new inspector general report found.  Allegations of mismanagement at the Veterans Health Administration’s Health Eligibility Center led to an investigation by the VA office of the inspector general, which turned up some astounding discoveries. Exactly 867,000 veterans still have their healthcare applications listed as pending in the database.

Obama Set To Force Iran Deal On Congress  - President Barack Obama is poised to bypass a congressional majority and voter opinion as he implements the Iran deal.

Obama secured the votes he needs to stop Congress from interfering Wednesday, which is a huge victory that means the deal will almost certainly be implemented. But the lack of support for such a critical matter of national security within and without Congress is striking.

Jeb Bush Goes on the Attack Against Donald Trump - GOP establishment favorite Jeb Bush was recently attacked by Donald Trump on his past illegal immigration comments.  The Bush team has not let the advertisement go by without response, on Tuesday morning he appeared on Fox News to argue that Donald Trump was a wolf in GOP clothing.  Jeb also responded to the criticism he has faced for calling illegal immigration an “act of love.”  What I stand by is the fact that we need to secure our border and I have a comprehensive plan to do just that. I’ve talked to the governors on the border. I was a border governor because we have lots of immigration coming from the south. I’ve talked to local law enforcement officers and people and I have a plan to be able to secure the border. That’s what we ought to be focusing on – not grandiose language, not mischaracterizing people’s views. That ad was a complete mischaracterization of my thinking. It’s almost as if Donald Trump is acting like a Washington politician – that’s what they do.  Team Bush’s latest campaign ad (against Trump) uses Trump’s own words against him.  “Look, the simple fact is our ad simply uses his own language, his own words to say that he is more a Democrat than a Republican, that he is for higher taxes rather than cutting taxes. That he believes in a single payer system, that he’s not only pro-choice, but he believes in partial birth abortion. Those are his words not mine. I didn’t exaggerate a single thing.”……

Abortion is Murder - A popular post is making the rounds on social media and it’s giving pro-abortion liberals a fit.  The post describes a situation where a pro-life advocate is arguing with a pro-death fan about the evils of abortion. At one point in the discussion the pro-lifer calls abortion murder, which sends the pro-abortion fanatic into a fit of rage. The pro-aborter finally demands that the pro-lifer stop using such heated rhetoric and says, “Abortion isn’t murder, it’s a medical procedure.”  At this point the pro-life advocate laughs and pulls out his pocket dictionary and guides the pro-abortion zealot through a little logical computation

“Abortion isn’t murder, it’s a medical procedure.”…My Take – Those who enjoy picking out the logical fallacies spouted by liberals will love this article.  The phrase, “it’s a medical procedure” is a logical fallacy – Why? RK

Obama Set To Force Iran Deal On Congress - President Barack Obama is poised to bypass a congressional majority and voter opinion as he implements the Iran deal.  Obama secured the votes he needs to stop Congress from interfering Wednesday, which is a huge victory that means the deal will almost certainly be implemented. But the lack of support for such a critical matter of national security within and without Congress is striking. A recent Quinnipiac poll found voters 55 percent of voters oppose the deal, compared to just 25 percent who support the deal. Another survey found deep skepticism of the deal among U.S. active-duty military and civilian government employees in national-security jobs. Only 26 percent of those surveyed by Defense One said the deal is good for the U.S., while 66 percent said the deal is not good for the U.S.

The Watch Dog Is At The Door

Green energy company fights for life after getting billions from feds - Renewable energy company Abengoa, headquartered in Spain, is fighting for its financial life. The company and its subsidiaries have received nearly $3 billion from the U.S government

8 Texas counties list more voters than residents – No law prevents localities from having more registered voters than voting-age residents, and eight Texas counties do.  Now a vote-watch group accuses the counties of violating the National Voting Rights Act by failing to purge dead, duplicate and ineligible voters. True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht threatens legal action if counties don’t purge their bloated voter-registration rolls. “We are deeply concerned (that) voter rolls contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters,” True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht stated in a letter to the eight Texas counties…… True the Vote has given the counties 90 days to produce correct registration data or face legal action.

As UAW contract ends, Wisconsin workers’ rights expand A worker-freedom organization is sending a special legal notice to unionized employees of the Big Three automakers in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.  The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation wants United Auto Workers members at General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to know their new workplace rights now that they are residents of right-to-work states. Those new rights kick in Sept. 15, after the old UAW contracts, which included forced union dues, expire. In a statement Thursday, the Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation said that once the UAW’s “monopoly bargaining contracts” with the automakers end, all employees will be able to exercise their new rights under their states’ right-to-work laws. The three states prohibit unions from requiring forced payment of union fees as a condition of employment.  All workers will have the right to resign union membership and will no longer have to pay “agency fees” to the union at any time, for any reason……

Explosive email exposes GAB attorney’s partisan motives in John Doe probe -  In January, testifying before the Legislature, Government Accountability Board director Kevin Kennedy called his agency a “Wisconsin success story.” “The Legislature should be proud of the Board, not only for its nonpartisan nature, but for its accomplishments and performance over the first seven years existence,” Kennedy said in defending the campaign finance, elections, and ethics regulator against a growing list of critics concerned that the agency was alarmingly partisan and less than accountable.  Critics have long suggested the GAB was running a partisan investigation. Court-sealed GAB emails reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and one obtained by Wisconsin Watchdog seem to expose the regulator as hyper-partisan, a rogue agency leading a politically-charged campaign finance probe into Gov. Scott Walker and dozens of conservative organizations.  On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board reported that GAB staff, including Kennedy, worked with John Doe special prosecutor Francis Schmitz and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office (run by a partisan Democrat) to “subpoena and intimidate the major conservative players in Wisconsin politics.” The editorial points to an email, dated Nov. 27, 2013, to Schmitz from former GAB staff counsel Shane Falk......

Green energy company fights for life after getting billions from feds - Renewable energy company Abengoa, headquartered in Spain, is fighting for its financial life. The company and its subsidiaries have received nearly $3 billion from the U.S government

Washington Examiner

Is America ready for socialism?  Despite his far-left views, Sen. Bernie Sanders is drawing the largest crowds of any presidential contender.

Hillary's K Street friends bring in the corporate cash - In 2009, Clinton decided that a Shanghai pavilion was a priority and used her lobbyists to build one.

Can the Iranian nuclear deal negotiators be trusted? - The nuclear deal's key Iranian negotiator failed to secure the release of an imprisoned Iranian physicist.

5 Chinese warships off Alaska make waves in advance of Xi visit - Five Chinese navy ships are operating in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska, in what the U.S. military is calling a first. The presence of the ships is the latest demonstration of how China's military is rapidly expanding operations far from its own coast to project power and ostensibly protect its national interest. China's Xi Jinping visits the U.S. later this month amid tensions on trade as well as China's cyberattacks and maritime aggression.

Confirmed: One-third of the vets on VA's waiting list are dead - In July, reports surfaced that an estimated 239,000 veterans died before they became eligible for benefits. That is 28 percent of the nearly 850,000 veterans thought to be seeking these benefits. The Office of Inspector General has found that the situation is even worse: 35 percent, or 307,000 names, on the VA's list of pending enrollees were deceased.

51 percent of immigrant households are on welfare - A comprehensive study of U.S. Census Bureau reports of welfare participation reveals that 51 percent of immigrants - legal and illegal - access welfare programs, the Center for Immigration Studies reports. This represents far greater participation in welfare programs than the 30 percent of native-born Americans accessing the program……

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