Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is Europe Lost

By John C. Velisek USN Ret, on September 9th, 2015

2015 is the year of the migrant. Over 100,000 migrants requested asylum in Germany in August alone with a total of over 400,000 for the year. Projections are that over 800,000 will be allowed into Germany alone this year, and that is only about 40% of all refugees. The vast majority of these refugees are men, ages 18 to 35 with the amount of minors rising at an alarming level. It is clear by the riots on the Austria-Italy border that most of the migrants want to go to Germany. Why? The benefits there are better than anywhere else in Europe. That way, the refugees who take selfies with $600 I phones can attain the status of unemployed citizens and receive all the monies that Germany can give them. The refugee crisis has been covered by the mainstream media as something that compassionate people should be concerned about. The fact that the mostly male amnesty program in Europe has no safeguards against terrorists entering or background check of any type is dangerous to the welfare of Europe......To Read More....

My Take - Yes, Europe is lost, but its been lost for decades, it merely took one more shove.  The EU is doomed and Europe is on the verge of economic disaster.  The multiculturalism leftists have promoted is destroying every nation in Europe. The Scandinavian countries are the rape capitals of the world due to Muslim immigration. We need to get this. The world is in the midst of a religious war......are we paying attention...... a religious war …….and the left refuses to acknowledge it because it doesn't fit their prescribed vision of how the world should work, so they ignore everything that disputes their idiotic notions of a leftist utopia. There are going to be civil wars over Muslim immigration breaking out all over Europe, if Europeans hope to continue to have rights in their own homelands.  Of course Europe can easily avoid a war.  Just give up - which the leftists they keep in putting charge have largely done.  Either way - the Europe we know will be gone forever – and they will have earned it! 

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