Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Houston mayor’s attack on preachers was not a 1st Amendment issue

By Bob Livingstone

The voter revolt took the form of a petition drive that generated some 50,000 signatures — almost three times as many as required to put a referendum on the issue on the ballot. Demonstrating that the rule of law in Houston city government has disappeared into the memory hole, the psychopaths ruling the place threw the petition out. This prompted a lawsuit against the city by opponents of the ordinance. The city responded by attacking preachers, issuing subpoenas that ordered them to submit any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or lesbian Mayor Annise Parker, or else face charges of contempt of court. The preachers were not even part of the lawsuit against the city. However, they are part of a coalition of some 400 Houston-area churches opposing the ordinance. So the subpoenas were a clear-cut case of religious discrimination and an attempt to quell free speech and Bible teaching. To their credit, the preachers vowed to defy the city…..To Read More…..

My TakeThis is an excellent article for those who know little about the founding of the Constitution and how it applied in day gone by and the intent of the Founders.  The states really were independent nations….in their minds and in the minds of those in power at the federal level.  The Constitution was intended to be a brake on the central government.  It was not intended to change anything the states wished to do except in two areas.  Interstate commerce and national defense.  This article will highlight how the Founders really did intend for the national government to have limited and enumerated responsibilities. 

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