Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quote of the Day!

"President Obama and many Democrats have excoriated companies for utilizing “tax inversions” to repatriate stockpiles of cash from overseas bank accounts, thereby avoiding the 35% US corporate tax rate and providing new funds for plants and equipment, innovation, hiring and keeping workers, and tapping new markets. Calling this “unpatriotic” and “immoral” is just another false, distracting, divisive community agitator tactic."

"What America really needs right now is regulatory patriotism – and Executive Branch morality, citizenship, and fealty to our Constitution and laws. What we’re stuck with is a destructive, unpatriotic regulatory onslaught. The bare tip of the iceberg is that confiscatory 35% corporate tax rate, which is embedded in a Tax Code that is 74,000 pages and 33 million words long – 42 times more words than in the King James Bible." - Paul Driessen

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