Thursday, October 23, 2014

Muzzling cultural dissent, at home and abroad

The European Court of Human Rights has defined a democratic society as one which exhibits tolerance, broad-mindedness and pluralism. Western democracies, however, are often Orwellian in their redefinition of these very terms, as exemplified in the recent Houston subpoena scandal.

Tolerance has come to mean disdain for social viewpoints which run contrary to the cultural orthodoxy of the day. Broad-mindedness means blindly accepting the overly permissive moral values of the Left. And, ironically, pluralism has taken on an identity which excludes dissenting voices.  Americans should take note that, in Europe, this new cultural identity has led to a democratic deficit and a “government knows best” attitude.

The story goes that Nicolas Sarkozy, when asked why he wouldn’t allow the French to vote on the Lisbon Treaty after the French public previously voted down the proposed European Constitution, said it was because the French would not get the answer right. This mentality is, of course, not unique to Europe. In states throughout America, a single judge has often been responsible for overturning the democratic will of millions of voters to constitutionally affirm marriage as the union of one man and one woman......To Read More.....

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