Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vatican: "Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community"

Tim Brown October 13, 2014

Homosexuality has been the political battering ram of the opposition to God's law and freedom in the past 25 years in America. More recent the sodomites' attempt at redefining marriage has been used as the weapon of choice. Now, the liberal leaning Pope Francis and his Roman ecclesiastical hierarchy have stepped in it again, this time with homosexuality. The Pope's recent synod led to a document, in which bishops said they should focus on the positive aspects that sodomites have in the church.

This Pope has attacked capitalism, embraced Islam and many have suggested he has laid groundwork for a one world religion. While they did not endorse homosexual sex and the redefining of marriage openly, the bishops did indicate that sodomites have "positive aspects" to offer Christians.  The Guardian reports:  Read More Here

My TakeWell, it’s official. The Pope, who is infallible on all things regarding faith and doctrine in the Roman Catholic Church, has taken a de facto position that God didn’t know what he was talking about, or God was lying, or the Bible was written solely by men and God didn’t have a thing to do with writing it, so anything written there can be dismissed in order to embrace every new philosophical flavor of the day that becomes popular.   For Roman Catholic believers - those absolutely are the three options open to them. Which do you think it is?

Of course there are three other options one might consider. The Pope isn’t infallible, he doesn't believe in God, or he's as crazy as a loon!  The next question a great many Roman Catholic believers must be asking themselves is this: How did they pick this guy?

There are two foundations that made the American culture as great as it became. The Bible and the U.S. Constitution! Both are so foundational to American exceptionalism that if either is undermined to the point of being meaningless, the great American experiment will fail.  Both are under attack with warped and twisted reasonings by those in leadership positions in religion, government, academia and the media. Is it any wonder so many feel a storm is coming that will bring nothing but disaster? When the foundation of a society crumbles there is nothing left to support the structure, and it will collapse. Putting a Politically Correct coat of paint over the whole mess will not hold it up.

The obvious outcome for the destruction of this foundation is so compelling that anyone continuing down this path must be insane!

One more thing.  Please allow me to re-introduce you to the 45 goals of the Communist Party to take over America which was published in the Congressional Record - . Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963.

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