Monday, October 27, 2014

Ferguson Family Feud: Michael Brown’s Mom and Posse Shut Down Grandma’s Business, Assault Cousin With Metal Pipe, and Steal $1400

Dean Garrison

Like many Americans, and media sources, I stopped paying a lot of attention to the happenings in Ferguson just as soon as it looked like Officer Darren Wilson was likely justified in the shooting of Michael Brown. The courts may decide differently, but from my perspective it looks like Brown was a thug and the officer more than likely acted in self-defense.  But new reports have emerged of an incident that was reported to have happened last weekend.  It appears that Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, showed up at a make-shift vendor's booth that was selling Michael Brown merchandise. The interesting part is that the merchandiser was Brown's grandmother and Grandma was being assisted by one of Brown's cousins.  Someone with McSpadden allegedly assaulted the cousin, Tony ……… It is being reported that surveillance cameras may have caught it all, so we will wait for more truth to come out in the details. If we have learned anything at all from the Michael Brown case, it should be that things are not always as they first seem to be…..To Read More……

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