Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let’s Quit Blaming Obama for Everything Bad that is Happening!

By A.J. Cameron October 13, 2014 Comments

Isn’t our Puppet President getting a bad rap, and too much credit, for his actions since his dual oaths of office in 2009? Supportive or antagonistic, don’t we hear or read daily, “Obama did/has (fill in the blank)”? Are people ever going to realize that while it is easier to praise or attack an individual versus an invisible group of puppeteers, Obama is just a cog in the wheel, turned by the invisible puppeteers? Shouldn’t we quit blaming Obama for everything bad that is happening, and focus upon the real culprits destroying the U. S., Europe, and the world, at large?.......Additionally, as the Head Teleprompter Reader (HTR), isn’t accusing Obama, almost singly, of masterminding each grievous act against ‘we, the people’, granting him credit for much more than of which he is capable? Wasn’t the rap against him in the 2008 primary election the fact that he was inexperienced? So, how was someone, as woefully inexperienced as he was, elevated to become the President of the United States? As we have witnessed, he does not do well, when he speaks extemporaneously. Everything he says is scripted, and everything he does is controlled. Has it occurred to you that his numerous rounds of golf and extravagant vacations may be designed to keep him from making ‘Bidenesque’ gaffes in front of the puppeteer-controlled media and the U. S. citizenry, and to provide him with plausible deniability?...... To Read More.....

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