Friday, October 24, 2014

From Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation

Europe's Climate Poker
EU Agrees Non-Binding Climate Deal Conditional On UN Treaty
Editor's Note: Please view this video: Europe's New Climate Targets: Myth & Reality and then ask yourself - What planet are these people living on? They're willing to destroy their nation's - and all of Europe's - economies in order to reduce CO2 emissions for no reason. We're long past understanding that CO2 has no effect on the world's weather. We know the world stopped the small amount of warming that was taking place 18 years ago while CO2 emissions increased substantially. Furthermore, we're long past believing "alternative" energy is any more viable that it was during the Carter administration. We're long past believing any of their dire predictions of disaster due to global warming will happen. Those kinds of disasters didn't happen 1000 years ago when the world was substantially warmer than it is now and there's no reason to believe anything disastrous will occur now. However, the price of energy is the beginning of wisdom and it is my belief all of this Anthropogenic Global Warming horsepucky will end up on the ash heap of history soon. I just hope the promoters of this in politics, the media and the junk scientists in academia end up there also.
EU leaders Thursday night committed by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, and increase energy efficiency and renewables by at least 27% [provided there is a legally binding UN climate treaty]. French President François Hollande said the deal would send a clear message to other countries such as China and the US ahead of the talks in Paris next year to agree global legally binding greenhouse gas emissions. A special “flexibility clause” was added to the final text, making it possible for the Council to return to the targets after the UN summit. --EurActiv, 24 October 2014
European leaders have struck a broad climate change pact obliging the EU as a whole to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030. But key aspects of the deal that will form a bargaining position for global climate talks in Paris next year were left vague or voluntary, raising questions as to how the aims would be realised. A clause was inserted into the text that could trigger a review of the EU’s new targets if other countries do not come forward with comparable commitments in Paris. --Arthur Neslen,
The Guardian, 24 October 2014 

EU leaders have reached a landmark deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels. The binding decision (sic) came after heated discussions at a summit in Brussels, as some members had argued that their varied interests should be protected. –Roger Harrabin, BBC News, 24 October 2014

The EU announcement was reported in the media as if the EU has already adopted these aggressive new CO2 targets. This is however not the case. In reality the EU Commission only proposed a conditional offer as a negotiation card to be played during the 2015 negotiations at the UN climate conference in Paris. In the absence of an international agreement it is very unlikely that the EU will adopt any new unilateral targets. The EU has made it perfectly clear that it is no longer willing to go it alone. --Benny Peiser, Global Warming Poliicy Foundation, 9 February 2014

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