Saturday, October 25, 2014

Six Years Later: The Clear Connection Between Barack Obama and The Weathermen

Written by Tom DeWeese

If you happened to see the Fox News, Megan Kelly (The Kelly File) interview with Bill Ayers, you witnessed a master of propaganda and misdirection, as Ayers tried to slip past Kelly’s direct questions. According to Ayers, he’s just a concerned citizen taking part in our democratic debate. How patriotic! The truth is, Ayers, his wife Bernardine Dohrn and the rest of the Weather Underground were and are true domestic terrorists out to destroy American society. Not only do they still roam our streets, but, in fact, live quite well off the society they professed to hate and sought to destroy. And the Weatherman’s ultimate victory, 40 years later, may just be Barack Obama.....To Read More.....

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