Saturday, October 25, 2014

Democrats Insist this Never Happens During Elections. Too Bad It Was Caught on Camera

The one thing Democrats keep saying about voting is that Voter ID laws are baseless and racist. They claim anyone should be able to vote — even if they can’t produce a valid ID.

That’s a pretty ridiculous statement to make. Democrats have been trying to game the system for years. They’re aware they’re always fighting an uphill battle, so they’ll stop at nothing to win. They’ll even recruit illegals to add to their voter base.  Well, in Arizona there’s video proof they’re stuffing the ballot box. A.J. LaFaro serves as the Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman. And he witnessed firsthand what Democrats are willing to do to win elections While he and other poll workers worked to process early ballots, he noticed someone come in and make a large… “deposit.”….To Read and See More…..

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